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Ephedrine: a stimulant for burning fat



Ephedrine is a drug known for its strong action to stimulate nerve and musculoskeletal activity, as well as an important neurotransmitter of epinephrine (adrenaline). Ephedrine has a similar molecular structure as the well-known drugs phenylpropanolamine and methamphetamine. The compound can be derived from the genus Ephedra or synthetically.


Due to its strong stimulating effect and low cost, Ephedrine is widely used by bodybuilders and fitness trainers, who take it most often when they want to reduce subcutaneous fat and make their muscles relief. In medicine, Ephedrine hydrochloride is prescribed for asthma, low blood pressure, bronchitis, etc., as well as for some allergic reactions. It can be found on the market only in the form of ampoules, because Ephedrine tablets are no longer produced.


Why do athletes drink Ephedrine?

The stimulating properties of the preparation are used in many ways and for different purposes!


The main reason Ephedrine is preferred, not only by bodybuilders but also by athletes who want to lose weight, is the fact that it helps the process of burning fat. It is a very good tool for relief and weight loss. On the other hand, it strongly stimulates the nervous and motor system, which is a prerequisite for better performance. Increases strength performance, increases endurance, sharpens the senses and improves concentration. This means that you will lift more, run longer without feeling tired, and be well focused on what you are doing.


Another valuable quality for bodybuilders is that Ephedrine has a strong anti-catabolic effect and helps maintain muscle mass during a strict diet. This means that during heavy low-carb diets with reduced calorie intake, its use protects muscle tissue from breakdown! It is therefore advisable to take in preparation for the competition.


Misconceptions and myths

Ephedrine is similar to Clenbuterol and causes thermogenesis in the body (increase in body temperature). – This is not so!


Many people claim and think so, but you can check for yourself by taking a large dose of Ephedrine and cuddling a thermometer under your arm! … – You do not raise degrees because Ephedrine is not thermogenic. It burns fat due to completely different mechanisms.


Ephedrine stimulates the thyroid gland, which under its influence converts the weaker hormone L-thyroxine to the stronger Liothyronine. This speeds up the metabolism. “That’s not true either!”


First, ephedrine does not stimulate thyroid activity. It only slightly increases the sensitivity of cells to thyroid hormones. Second, L-thyroxine cannot be converted to liothyronine (triiodothyronine – T3). These are two completely different hormones and are unable to be converted in the body. Third, ephedrine does not speed up metabolism. That’s why it’s so valuable. Its ability to burn fat does not affect muscle tissue, as if you drink T3 (liothyronine). On the contrary, it slightly stimulates the release of growth hormone, increases muscle strength and even after a single dose will indirectly improve anabolism and muscle growth.


How can Ephedrine be taken?

Ephedrine ampoules by Sopharma. The ampoules can be injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously, or they can be drunk. Its action begins depending on the method of administration.


When administered intramuscularly, the drug enters the bloodstream the fastest and the effect disappears just as quickly. When injected subcutaneously, its action starts the slowest, but it will last you longer. When taken orally (drink the ampoule), ephedrine begins to act after half an hour and will stimulate you for 2-3 hours, but in this case you will absorb only 25% of the ampoule.


Take half to one hour before physical activity. Ephedrine should not be taken more than three times a day to avoid getting used to it. This would require a constant increase in dose!


Combination of Ephedrine with Caffeine and Aspirin

It is common practice for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to combine ephedrine with anabolic steroids for relief and fat reduction. But except in combination with anabolic steroids, its effectiveness in burning and reducing fat can be almost doubled if taken with caffeine and aspirin. When taking these drugs at the same time, they have a synergistic effect.


Research has shown that the ideal combination is 25 mg of ephedrine, 200 mg of caffeine and 300 mg of aspirin. If this combination is taken three times a day, there is significant fat burning.


It should be borne in mind that such a combination, used 3 times a day, can lead to chronic fatigue if you are not on additional stimulants. It will reduce the need for sleep, but will not help recovery. And taking aspirin can cause stomach ulcers or duodenal ulcers. Therefore, those who want to take advantage of such combinations it is good to start with a single intake 30-60 minutes before training. And reduce aspirin, in terms of – security!


Side Effects

Side effects associated with ephedrine may manifest themselves in the form of palpitations, drowsiness, trembling fingers, high blood pressure, loss of appetite. By the way, the latter is in great demand by athletes who are on a strict diet before competition.


Ephedrine should NOT be taken by people with conditions such as high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, cardiac arrhythmias and recent myocardial infarction.


Do not try this product if you have the slightest health problem or do not know what to do. You can easily overdose as well as get serious heart abnormalities.

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