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Ketotifen: use in bodybuilding and fitness

In view of the scarce information about Ketotifen, its mode of action, its effect and what is its application in fitness and bodybuilding, we will try to bring some clarity! The information was gathered from various sources, as well as from our own experience with Ketotifen!

What is Ketotifen

Ketotifen belongs to a group of anti-allergic medicines called antihistamines! It is used to treat bronchial asthma and allergies (blocks histamine, which is released in allergies). In addition, it can be prescribed to treat colitis.

When used to treat asthma, weight gain and increased appetite are among the most common side effects. Ketotifen protects cells in the stomach, small intestine and the rest of the gut from a number of toxins. A number of practical examples show that it can be useful for skin problems such as acne. The product also reduces swelling (swelling and puffiness caused by water retention) around wounds.

Why Ketotifen is used by bodybuilders and fitness trainers

Like other drugs used by athletes because of their secondary properties, Ketotifen is well used by fitness trainers! It is gaining popularity for its ability to increase the sensitivity of beta-2-adrenergic receptors, which are suppressed by drugs such as Clenbuterol and Ephedrine.

Those who are aware of Clenbuterol and Ephedrine know that they quickly saturate the receptors and stop working. This is where Ketotifen comes to the rescue. It increases the limit of adaptation to these preparations and allows their use for a longer period in a cycle for relief and reduction of subcutaneous fat.

Another important advantage of taking Ketotifen is that it has the ability to lower the levels of TNF-alpha (Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha), which is a catabolic hormone. The effect of TNF-alpha is reduced by both testosterone and IGF-1 levels. TNF-alpha also helps increase insulin resistance, which we are certainly not looking for.

This property of Ketotifen, which inhibits TNF-alpha, may make it a valuable tool in post-steroid therapy (PCT).

Ketotifen and Clenbuterol 

Clenbuterol is a beta 2 receptor agonist. It has a mild anabolic effect and is a great thermogenic used to fight fat, and at higher doses has anti-catabolic action. Unfortunately, Clenbuterol quickly saturates the receptors and to be effective it is taken cyclically for 2 weeks with a break of 2 weeks.

Ketotifen regulates beta-receptors and clears them, it does not allow them to be suppressed even during a heavy cycle with Clenbuterol. This means that you can continue to take Maple indefinitely without interruption. Drinking 2-3 mg can regulate even severely clogged receptors within a week.

This means that you do not need to take very high doses of Maple to get the same results. Taking about 30-40% less Maple will be just as effective.

Ketotifen: Intake and Dosage

No studies have been conducted to find the most effective dose, but German researchers use 3-4 mg daily. Our experience has shown that 2 mg every day is sufficient. However, much higher doses have been shown to be completely safe, with no adverse effects other than increased drowsiness and appetite. Higher doses will increase the appetite for bad foods. It is recommended to take it before bedtime, but it can be divided into 2 equal days.

Side effects and toxicity

Ketotifen is virtually non-toxic (although not recommended in patients with epilepsy). Its main side effects are temporary drowsiness, dry mouth, (and other mucuos membranes), stimulating appetite and weight gain.


Hypersensitivity, pregnancy, lactation, children under 3 years (tablets, eye drops) or 6 months (syrup).

Do not take by people with:

Epilepsy, liver failure. During pregnancy and lactation.

The materials on the site are for informational and educational purposes, do not constitute medical advice, incentives or recommendations. The information provided describes well enough the negative effects of doping so that users can make their own decisions in the interests of their health and safety. Consumers should consult a doctor before resorting to any preparations.

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