Amlodipine 10 mg * 30 TEVA



Amloterone tablets contain the active substance amlodipine, which belongs to a group of medicines called calcium antagonists.
Amloterone tablets are used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension) or certain types of chest pain called angina, the less common form of which is Prinzmetal’s angina or the angina variant.

In patients with high blood pressure, this medicine works by relaxing the blood vessels so that the blood can pass through them more easily.

In patients with angina, Amloterone tablets work by improving the blood supply to the heart muscle, which receives more oxygen, and as a result, prevent chest pain. This drug does not have immediate effect in relieving chest pain from angina.


For children and adolescents (6-17 years), the usual recommended starting dose is 2.5 mg daily.
The maximum recommended daily dose is 5 mg.
Amloterone 5 mg tablets can be divided into two equal halves to deliver a 2.5 mg dose.
Amloterone 10 mg tablets can also be divided into two equal doses.

If you have been told by your doctor that you are taking 1/2 (half) tablet daily, we recommend that you do not use devices to halve the tablet. Follow these instructions to halve the tablet:
Place the tablet upside down on a flat, hard surface (such as a table or top).
Break it by pressing on both sides of the dividing line with the index fingers of both hands.



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