Bromhexine tablets 8 mg * 20 TEVA



bromhexine hydrochloride

1. What Bromhexine Actavis is and what it is used for
Bromhexine is a synthetic analogue of an alkaloid isolated from the Indian plant Adhatoda vasica. Degrades mucoproteins in bronchial secretions, leads to their liquefaction and softening, thus facilitating their expectoration. Stimulates the action of glands located in the mucous membrane of the bronchi, as a result of which relief of expectoration of thick bronchial secretions and respiration is achieved. Facilitates the penetration of some antibiotics into sputum and bronchial secretions.
Bromhexine Actavis is used to treat productive cough in the following diseases of the respiratory tract and lungs: tracheobronchitis, incl. spastic bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis ┬╗pulmonary tuberculosis and pneumoconiosis (lung diseases caused by specific causes).