Eplerenone 50 mg * 30 Actavis



Eplerenone  belongs to a group of medicines known as selective aldosterone blockers. These blockers suppress the action of aldosterone Рa substance that is produced in the body and controls your blood pressure and heart function. High levels of aldosterone can cause changes in your body that can lead to heart failure.

Eplerenone  is used to treat your heart failure to prevent it from getting worse and reduce the risk of hospitalization if you:
you have recently had a heart attack, in combination with other medicines to treat heart failure
you have persistent mild symptoms, despite the treatment you have received so far.

Eplerenone  is usually given together with other heart failure medicines, e.g. beta-blockers.

The usual starting dose is one 25 mg tablet once a day. After 4 weeks, your doctor may increase the dose to 50 mg once a day (one 50 mg tablet or two 25 mg tablets). The maximum dose is 50 mg daily.