Essentiale forte max 600 mg * 30 SANOFI soybean phospholipids. liver protect




Liver protect


What is Essentiale forte N
Your medicine for the treatment of the liver is called Essentiale forte N. Each capsule contains 300 mg of soybean phospholipids.
Essentiale forte N supplies the diseased liver with ready-made, essential for the liver (essential) phospholipids in high doses.

The essential phospholipids contained in this medicine correspond in chemical structure and action to the phospholipids produced in the liver of the human body. Imported with the drug, they are incorporated into the membranes of liver cells and pass through them into the bile. Thus, Essentiale forte N capsules physiologically normalize impaired liver function and the activity of its enzymes, stabilize the liver membranes, which helps to regenerate liver tissue.
Affect impaired lipid metabolism by facilitating lipid transport. Stabilizes bile juice.

What is it used for
Essentiale forte N is a herbal medicine used in liver diseases. It is used to improve subjective complaints, such as loss of appetite, a feeling of heaviness in the right hypochondrium, due to toxic or nutritional damage to the liver and hepatitis.
If symptoms do not respond to treatment, medical attention should be sought.