Penicillin Ciystallisate TZF 1 000 000 IU powder for solution injection



Penicillin TZF crystallizate contains the active substance benzylpenicillin, which is a natural penicillin. Benzylpenicillin is a bactericide against many types of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria.

Penicillin Crystallisate TZF is indicated for the treatment of the following severe infections caused by benzylpenicillin-sensitive bacteria:

Tonsillitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, pericarditis, chronic endocarditis caused by streptococci (including group A), pneumococci, staphylococci;
Meningococcal meningitis;
Skin and soft tissue infections;
Diphtheria (in combination with antitoxin);
Acute rheumatic fever caused by streptococcal infection, arthritis;
Acquired or congenital syphilis;
Genital tract infections caused by Fusobacterium spp .;
Poisoning by fungi (Amanita phalloides);
Anthrax, Lyme disease, infections due to Clostridium spp. (including tetanus), listeriosis, pasteurellosis, actinomycosis.

The dose depends on the severity of the infection, the type of infectious agent and the age and weight of the patient.
1 million IU of benzylpenicillin potassium corresponds to 600 mg.

The usual dose is 5 million IU every 4 to 6 hours.
In severe infections, your doctor may increase the dose to 20 million IU or more per day.