Pentoxifylline SR tablets 600 mg. * 20 ZENTIVA




Agapurin improves blood flow in blood vessels by increasing the flexibility of red blood cells. Inhibits platelet aggregation and reduces blood viscosity. As a result, the blood circulation and blood supply to the tissues with impaired blood circulation are improved.

Agapurin is used to treat the following diseases
Peripheral artery occlusion and vascular disorders due to atherosclerosis or diabetes mellitus [e.g. claudication intermittence (lameness), pain at rest), trophic disorders (ulcers and gangrene of the legs)].
Disorders due to poor brain drainage (a consequence of cerebral atherosclerosis, such as impaired concentration, dizziness, impaired memory), ischemic conditions and conditions after a stroke.
Impaired circulation in the eye, impaired vision associated with degenerative vascular processes.

The exact dosage and duration of treatment is always determined by the doctor. Unless otherwise prescribed, usually 1 tablet of Agapurin is taken once or twice a day.
In patients with severe renal or hepatic insufficiency, the doctor may reduce the dose of Agapurin.
Maximum daily dose: it is recommended not to exceed 1200 mg / day (ie 2 tablets).



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