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MK677 10 mg * 50 tabs | LGD4033 10 mg * 50 tabs | MK2866 10 mg * 50 tabs | SR9009 10 mg * 50 tabs | GW501516 10 mg * 50 tabs | RAD140 10 mg * 50 tabs | S23 10 mg * 50 tabs | S4 25 mg * 50 tabs | YK11 5 mg * 50 tabs



Shortly about Ligandrol

  •  One of the most effective SARMs for increasing muscle and strength. Good for bulking cycle.
  •  Significantly supresses own testosterone levels compared to other SARMs
  •  It can retain excess liquid in the muscles, which gives a somewhat edematous appearance.
  •  Like other SARMs it affects the lipid profile and can increase liver enzymes.

What is Ligandrol    

This is one of the most commonly used SARMs that has gone through several human clinical trials and is already in phase 2 clinical trials.

LGD4033 was developed by Ligand Pharmaceutical for use in muscle wasting diseases such as cancer or AIDS. LGD4033 is a second generation SARM, which is an improvement over first generation SARMs such as S4. To date, Ligandrol is the second most researched SARM after Ostarine.

LGD4033 is the most effective of all SARMs in terms of muscle building. But it is also the most suppressive of its own testosterone. Our benefit is a much longer half-life of 24 to 36 hours. This is very important because at a once-daily dosage, the concentration of this substance in the bloodstream continues to increase every day.


  •  A significant increase in muscle mass with possible some fluid retention, according to reddit users.
  •  A significant increase in strength indicators. Ligandrole is one of the most effective SARMs.
  •  Increased bone mineral density
  •  Decreased SHBG. Another property of LGD4033 is that it reduces the level of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). This globulin inactivates testosterone, so having less SHBG in the bloodstream means more free testosterone to do its job.

Testosterone suppression 

LGD4033 inhibits testosterone production most significantly of all SARMs. Because of this, you can expect side effects such as loss of libido and other low testosterone symptoms around week 4, although this depends on your baseline testosterone levels and how sensitive you are to these symptoms.  Ligandrol has a dose-dependent suppression of an overall testosterone from baseline. In a scientific study, after completing 21 days of LGD4033, hormone levels returned to baseline by day 56, which means PCT is mandatory.

In order to avoid a drop in blood testosterone as much as possible – you should take SERMs (clomiphene, tamoxifen) or testosterone / gonadotropin during the cycle of Ligandrol so that your blood testosterone level is sufficient.

Effect on the liver 

Taking Ligandrol can increase the liver enzymes ALT and AST. Supplements such as NAC 600-1200 mg, TUDCA – 500 mg and ALA- 500 mg taken together or separately provide protection against this side effect.

Change in lipid profile 

Although to a lesser extent than anabolic steroids, all SARMs can affect cholesterol levels to some extent. Most often, they decrease HDL (good cholesterol) levels and increase LDL (bad cholesterol). During your LGD4033 cycle, you will need to take these blood tests to keep your cholesterol levels under control.


24-36 hours


  • Minimum working dosage (beginner) 5-10 mg
  • Average dosage 10-30 mg
  • Maximum recommended 40 mg
  • Women 5 mg






Ibutamoren / MK-677 is an innovative tool for pharmacological support of the training process.

In fitness and bodybuilding Ibutamoren is used to stimulate anabolism and improve the composition of tissues. It is effective during the period of body-building, during definition of relief and in preparation for competitions. Improves energy metabolism. Contributes to the growth of endurance and peak strength. Simulates carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, converts muscles to fuel from fatty acids, helps get rid of excess fat, even against the background of errors in the diet.

Important: The action of the drug Ibutamoren long lasting. The duration of stimulation of Growth Hormone secretion is up to 8 hours!

Another reason to buy Ibutamoren is its ability to reduce the possibility of injury. Ibutamoren increases bone mineral density, strengthens ligaments, tendons and joints.

Safe: it does not inhibit testosterone synthesis. Does not increase estrogen levels.