Promethazine 50 mg in each 2 ml ampule * 10 SOPHARMA




Antiallerzin is a medicinal product with pronounced antihistamine activity (blocks H 1 -histamine receptors) and antiallergic action. It has a sedative effect (suppresses the nervous system). Enhances the action of general and local anesthetics, pain relievers, antispasmodics (removing the spasm of smooth muscles) and hypnotics. Lowers body temperature, prevents vomiting, stops hiccups. Antiallerzin is used for:

Symptomatic treatment of allergic reactions of a general type – amaphylactic shock (as an adjunct to treatment with adrenaline), serum sickness, Quincke’s edema, hypersensitivity reactions to medicinal products; bitten by insects; urticaria of different origin; uncomplicated allergic reactions of a rapid type, in which the administration of oral antiallergic agents is impossible or contraindicated;
Nausea and vomiting of various nature, including postoperative vomiting, drug-induced nausea, motion sickness (if intensive treatment is required):
As an additional means of preoperative and postoperative sedation (sedation) in surgery and obstetrics:
For sedation and tension reduction and to induce light sleep in adults who are in hospital.

Antiallerzin is administered intramuscularly or slowly at a rate not exceeding 25 mg/min (after diluting up to 10 times with water for injections immediately before use). For allergic reactions: the dose is 25 mg and can be repeated after 2 hours.
For sedation, it is used in hospital conditions and only in adults in a dose of 25-50 mg.
Before and after surgery 25-50 mg, in combination with reduced doses of analgesic drugs and atropine.
The maximum single dose is 50 mg intramuscularly, and the maximum daily dose is 100 mg intramuscularly.