DOLOPROCT® cream (against hemorrhoids) 15 grams BAYER




DOLOPROCT® 1 mg / g + 20 mg / g, rectal cream
Fluocortolone pivalate / Lidocaine hydrochloride



Doloproct contains two different active substances: fluocortolone pivalate and lidocaine hydrochloride.

The active substance fluocortolone pivalate belongs to the group of glucocorticoids. Suppresses the production of substances that cause inflammation in your body. This relieves complaints such as swelling, itching, burning and pain.
The active substance lidocaine hydrochloride belongs to the group of local anesthetics. Causes tingling at the application site. This relieves pain and itching in this area.
Doloproct can be used in adults to relieve symptoms associated with

nodular dilation of blood vessels around the anus (hemorrhoidal disease),
inflammation of the lining of the rectum (non-infectious proctitis),
inflammation of the upper layers of the skin around the anus with symptoms of redness, swelling, itching and dryness or tearing (anal eczema).
Doloproct cannot eliminate the causes of hemorrhoids, inflammation of the lining of the rectum (non-infectious proctitis) and the anus (anal eczema).

If after 14 days you do not feel better or your condition worsens, you should seek medical attention.


The recommended dose is as much as your fingertip (up to 1 g) per application. The amount of fingertip is the amount of rectal cream squeezed from the tube and applied from the last fold of the skin to the tip of an adult’s index finger. Use Doloproct Rectal Cream twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. During the first days of use, you can apply it 3 times a day. Later, once your condition has improved, one application a day is often enough.