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First buying option is for Piracetam 1200 mg film-coated tablets * 60 by ALIUDĀ® PHARMA GmbH, Germany


Second buying option is for PYRAMINOL tablets 800 mg * 80 SOPHARMA which has 800 mg piracetam per tablet



Please read, the third buying option is for FEZAM which is combination piracetam / cinnarizine 400 mg / 25 mg capsules * 60 TEVA

What Fezam is and what it is used for
Fezam is a combination medicinal product containing the medicinal substances piracetam and cinnarizine.
Piracetam belongs to the group of so-called nootropic drugs, improving and restoring cognitive processes and mental performance.
Cinnarizine inhibits the transport of calcium ions across cell membranes and leads to dilation of blood vessels, reduces the excitability of the center of balance, increases the resistance of cells to lack of oxygen.
The combined product has a pronounced antihypoxic effect (counteracts the reduced oxygen supply). The effects of the two drugs potentiate each other, resulting in improved cerebral blood flow.